The company is made by a concept, works by a framework but is given life and parented by its employees and workers. This is the general rule for any and every company. Without an able taskforce, no matter what efforts are put in, the growth of a company will remain stagnant. The pillars that support the main roof of a company are its human resources in the form of administrators, think tanks and working staffs. The mould of a company remains under the influence of its employees’ performance and its rise & fall also depends on the same. In modern times, through the concepts of digitization and virtual intelligence, the manpower influence is somehow curtailed but it can never be abolished as the civilization is by the people, of the people and for the people.

ReqRes is an independent establishment of innovation and excellence that provides the whole of IT sector with every possible ilk of assist and consultancy. The firm has for many years now made life and work easy for other companies with their RPO and outsourcing capabilities. The members of our house working for this service and the staffs being outsourced by us are very talented, dedicated and innovative. We also provide IT solutions for every corner of the genre. The engineers and developers in our firm have ingenious aptitude to make, out of blue, a unique perusal IT strategy or scheme for our client’ firm in accordance to their requirement. Our work force consists of able administrators who can handle any pressure of both management and resource fronts. The replenishable staffing of our firm is a fleet that promises integrity and performance. The team at ReqRes is an elite batch of game changers who always force themselves, out of passion, to better the lives of the people intertwined with the results of the works done by ReqRes.

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