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The name of our company is the abbreviated form of our mission statement - be resourceful to our clients'' requirements. ReqRes is a United States based recruitment solution & consultancy firm which houses a genuine & talented pool of working individuals and has a widespread global footprint that facilitates us to staff any company located anywhere in the world at any time.

Professional expertise is what drives a company towards its successful and profitable future. With the aim of providing every professional business sector with an elite force of employees, the ReqRes endeavor has been initiated. The inception of this recruitment solution concept was done quite a while back seeing the dire employment situation on the professional globe.

The staffing in the companies by the entrepreneurs is quite a handful job and takes up quite a resource. To make that resource re-channelize into the business workings and bestowing the firm with a fleet of innovative & sincere recruits is the main objective of ReqRes. We are well aware of the status quo of the entrepreneurial domain and we are absolutely comprehensive about its requirement. To measure up to those requirements ReqRes has delved into catering staffing to many domains like hospitality, healthcare, telecom, finance and many more. We also give special acknowledgement to outsourcing consultancy and uptake various recruitment procedures for the willing clients. IT Solutions is our forte and we house many elite innovative brains.

By choosing the services for ReqRes clients will be privy to all of the following amenities and facilities
  • Measurable results in work
  • Low cost and shared risk recruitment
  • Instantaneous vacancy fill up
  • Technological optimization
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent activity
  • Talent and many more
All our staffs are very bound to our working ethics of responsibility, delivering value, knowledge, innovation, speed and quality that facilitates them to work in any environment with maximum productivity.
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Our Excellence And Achievements
Our Specialization Lies In Serving Clients With Out of The Box Staffing Solutions

ReqRes is the best in the class solutionist and consultancy firm. Our knowhow about the current scenario of the market is quite clear. Staffing is one of the vital aspects of every business entity. The process of staffing is very crucial and we provide excellent recruitment solutions for our client to staff them with eligible and diligent employees which will be the cornerstone of the client firm’s progress. Our methods are innovative, unique and thorough that assures complete analysis of an individual on both personality and intelligence levels

Our Services Acknowledged Among Brands And Trusted Partners

The fame of ReqRes is soaring sky high and its popularity glints even in the densely concentrated domain of outsourcing firms. According to the latest survey reports, ReqRes is one of the top IT solution and consultancy firms in the pan American business sector. This magnitude of dearness is a representation of all the positive feedbacks that we acquired from all of our satisfied clients. We have worked with many brands and partnered with many firms to cater all that we vouch for. We have come across a mile and still have miles to go before we fulfil our mission ... Read more


The current IT sector is in the verge of a cataclysmic plunge due to the expanding number of corporates and start-ups. In such condition, it is quite difficult for the firms to handle everything of their own. To provide them with assistance and interlink the needs of one company with another for their mutual benefaction ReqRes is catering the outsourcing services of all sorts. We provide for application outsourcing services, business and recruitment process outsourcings and also infrastructural outsourcing services of all IT related firms.

Software Development

One cannot lead a digital life without having any connection with the term software. Everything from operating system to application is software and it is basically the digital nervous system of the hardware devices. The whole digital revolution that created waves across the continents is mainly due to some of the wall breaking innovations in the software field done in the recent past, into the latest millennium. This is the current status of software and to provide the people with their own batch of tailored cut software ReqRes has made the efforts in the software development sector. ... Read more