The thread that strings along all the aspects of a civilization that makes a society survive and thrive is transaction. Without transaction, the whole system is lost. It is different forms of emotional transactions that create a human society and it is the physical transactions of demand and supply of goods and services that create the economy for that society.

The weave of such transactions forms the base of business and financial needs. Now when talking about business it is also a sector that generates both physical and social needs of the people – the physical need being the supplier of in demand services & products, and social need being the employment sector for the people. This is the idea that gave ReqRes the motivation to provide.

Requirement and resourcing is the main concept by which we ReqRes live by. We are an IT solution and consultancy firm that excels in all kinds of niches of outsourcing and technology. The base idea of our company is RPO. We are well aware of the current demography of business sector and the rising number of initiatives in that sector.

It is quite difficult for an emerging start-up to have a proficient task force or an extending corporate to have an able grand fleet on a new foreign location.

To ease such problems we have catered an a la carte of customised recruitment process outsourcing services that will fulfil every need of the both start-ups and corporate alike. We also have an uncanny efficiency in giving out various IT solutions. We have a huge array of IT solutions like cloud computing, software development, virtual reality, server management and many more in our stash. The infrastructure and equipments of our IT technologies are most modern and the hands and brains working behind these are very advanced and adept in the genre. We tend to meet the expectations of your end customers by making your firm proficient with appropriate solutions and consultancies.