ReqRes LLC is the best choice for staffing and filling up working vacancies with capable personnel is our specialty. Our service tariffs are quite affordable and we vouch for our clients’ bright and productive future.

ReqRes, LLC with the help of its offshore branch ReqRes India Pvt. Ltd. provide Recruiting Support for several clients which include End Customer and Staffing Agencies by deploying over 50 recruiters under one roof in India. The recruiters are highly efficient in filling critical roles across the United States. The biggest challenge while working for several clients and agencies at the same time under one umbrella is to make sure that all the information is kept confidential and intact. ReqRes India Pvt. Ltd. plays a vital in deploying specific team for the respective client and administer minutely so that there is no condition of security breach and conflict of interest. ReqRes India Pvt. Ltd. is an only association of ReqRes, LLC out of Indian Territory to serve the clients in an efficient way.


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