MARCH 2016: How School is Getting More Affordable

MARCH 2016: How School is Getting More Affordable

New POSED, the PreACT, scandals, pr releases, acceptance words: March was a big month in the world of university admissions and also standardized examining! Let’s scuba right on on.

#NewSAT? More like #ClownCollege

The New SAT was as a final point administered at last this month. The response? Students seemed to think that the math section can be harder than the old SAT’s math spot, but the essential reading portion is around the same or easier than the good old version. Pupils also agreed that it was an extensive and exhaustion test, still according to your survey produced by the College Panel, students chosen the New SITTING by a 6th to 1 difference over the previous test. And learn more student response and see some interesting research, check out this unique post we tend to did addressing what trainees thought about the New SAT.

The New Person in Town: Typically the PreACT

You might have perhaps heard of typically the PSAT, a shorter variant of the HID that young people typically acquire during their sophomore year of high school. Now there hasn’t been a comparable version for those ACT yet still. This month ACTION Inc. published that they will release the PreACT: a short version of the ACT for high school graduation sophomores to have. Sound familiar? It appears to be quite clear the fact that the ACT came up with test for you to compete with the particular PSAT. To learn more about the PreACT, you can take a short look at the ACT’s PreACT site. Continue reading “MARCH 2016: How School is Getting More Affordable”

JULY 2015: Major Institution Goes Test-Optional

JULY 2015: Major Institution Goes Test-Optional

Believe it or not, This summer was an additional busy thirty day period in the world of test prep as well as college prologue.

June had been all about School Board’s typo on the 06 SAT. Inside July, test prep/college university admissions world has been rocked when…

George California University was test-optional

GW announced in late July that the school is now test-optional for the majority undergrad professionals. Students might submit rates if they will like to, however , if they believe all their scores are usually not an ‘accurate reflection in their academic potential’, they may pick out of posting test fares. GW launched that the decision will help ‘strengthen and diversify’ their applicant pool.

George Washington College or university became one of the many largest educational institutions to become test-optional, so this ended in many article content commenting on the impact. NPR questioned no matter whether GW’s decision signaled the beginning of the end for the SAT together with ACT. They will quote Higher education Board’s reply to the statement, which is of which test dozens are the best indicators of being successful in college or university. However , this content also cites a study that will shows that a student’s secondary school record is a better signal of college functionality. The blogger concludes until this is most likely not necessarily the end in the SAT along with ACT, although wouldn’t often be surprised in the event other great schools choose test-optional. Continue reading “JULY 2015: Major Institution Goes Test-Optional”