We live in a time where the time is itself bound by the smartness of life. The smartness in discussion is a gift of the every flourish evolution of the modern day digital technology. Nowadays everyone is using a mobile gadget and what more these are all smart gadgets that are powered by internet. It is no longer a device of communication or media but a miniature version of the whole universe. Such is the power of smart gadgets and to operate these one requires applications or apps. Bend on the will to revitalise the digital presence of the clients on smart network, ReqRes has ventured into the domain of app development. We are a company that doles out premium IT solutions and IT consultancies to our clients. We are fully equipped with all app developing technologies and methodologies and also offer assistance to those who seek to recruitment of trained professionals for the purpose.

ReqRes has all the prerequisites for developing any and every type of app in Android platform for our clients. We are an end to end service provider and deal with developing an android based app along with its marketing and maintenance. We also staff our clients with android professionals, if such is the requirement. Our expertise in android app development is quite high but we particularly excel at

  • Material designing
  • Security details
  • Connectivity enhancement
  • Virtual reality and many more.

iOS app development is always challenging effort as not many can fully measure up to the standards and specifications of Apple Inc. Bu we are pleased to announce that ReqRes has the most elite batch of engineers and an ultra modern facility that is capable of developing any iOS based app for clients in a heartbeat. ReqRes has an array of option in this subsection but what makes us stand tall is

  • Strict follow up of Apple guidelines
  • Futuristic e-commercial approach
  • Hardcore security
  • Augmented reality and many more.